The US president Mr Barack Hussein Obama once expressed his view about the power of human resources. He is highly disturbed about the statistics of human resources in India. Out of 7.2 billion populations in India 22% are teenagers. So when India reaches 2030 a big mass of population is youngsters. This figure is highly disturbing to all developed countries. The human resources are the biggest backup for economic growth of a county. How the Japan and Singapore be the one of top tigers of the world. They utilises the resources with the implementation of better skills from the elementary level itself. So we also have to think like wise and catch them young. Giving adequate life skills learning and mentoring can create a focused youth with quality thinking power.

This concept leads to the birth of SAMEEKSHA. The Sanskrit name explains that, exploring complete potential from the inner soul. The agenda of SAMEEKSHA is to equip our teenagers with all life skills and make them prepare to compete with the globe.Thamasoma jyothirgamaya that means from darkness to light...Sameeksha vision also like this sense.

Sameeksha the trainers club of Vidya started with members of 25 including both from teaching and non-teaching. A person who is aspiring to seek knowledge can join this team. Sameeksha conducts episodes of talks in every month.

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